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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tip:Base Axis Extension points in Pentaho CDE and other useful extension points collection from various sources

Hi Guys, 
The below extension points will make you X-axis labels font size, font style, thinkness, alignment & angled.  

Resources :
    baseAxisLabel_textAngle: -1.6,
    baseAxisLabel_textBaseline: 'middle',
    baseAxisLabel_textAlign: 'right', 
    baseAxisFont = "bold 13px sans-serif";
baseAxisFont: "12px sans-serif"
orthoAxisFont: "12px sans-serif" 
["xAxisLabel_font","14px Serif"],
["yAxisLabel_font","14px Serif"],
["bar_fillStyle",function(d){ return this.parent.index+1984 == anoParam?"#004767":"#b09954"}]], 
"bar_fillStyle",function(d){ return 
[this.parent.index]) }]
["barLabel_font","16px sans-serif"],
["barLabel_text",function(d){return Math.round(parseInt(d)/1000000) + "M"}],
["barLabel_top",function(d) { return}]]
1. Remove x , y axis ... remove border

 * By default when you create a chart you will get X-axis and Y-axis so you need not explicitly add X-axis and Y-axis. 
 * Removing X-axis : 
      Add below Extension Points : 
  xAxisRule_strokeStyle ='#e9f1f4';
  xAxisTicks_strokeStyle = '#e9f1f4';
 * Removing Y-axis : Set below property to the chart component. 
  Ortho Axis Visible = False
 * To remove the border of the chart set below property to the chart component

2. Print values vertically on X-axis
 * Add below Extension points : 

3. how to remove ticks of Axis ?

  * Removing ticks can be achivable by setting below property 
               baseAxisTicks= False

4. what is ortho axis , orthoaxis 2 ?

     Ortho Axis is nothing but Y axis.
     Orthoaxis 2 is nothing but 2nd Y axis . i.e., you can treat it as a y axis right of the chart when you develop a mixed chart 
     (i.e., mixed chart = a bar chart + a line chart).

Hide X-Axis lebels in a CCC line chart 
function() {
    this.chartDefinition.yAxisLabel_visible = false;