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Monday, 21 July 2014

Tip : Export JPivot output to excel in Pentaho 5.x version. (By default export to Excel is disabled in 5.x server)

Hi Readers,

This tip is useful to enable the "Print" property of JPivot output to Export into Excel sheet.

By default in pentaho 5.x version servers it is disabled.

Un comment below code in plugin.spring.xml file

    <bean id="Print" class="org.pentaho.jpivot.proxies.ProxyPrintServlet"/>

Location of the file is :


NOTE : Once you enable the code, stop the BI server and start again. [B'z it is a configuration file and changes will be affected iff you restart the server.]

Test: In the xml file it was suggested to replace with fop-0.20.5, but I didn't do it instead just uncommented the code and tested which is worked as expected.. If you still unable to get export work , you might have to replace the specified jar file.