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Monday, 21 July 2014

Tip : Convert Stacked Bar Chart to Stacked Bar + Line chart

Hi Community,

Here is the my next work out as an R&D

I'd just want to share the tip on how to convert a stacked bar to stacked+line chart. 

 The SQL result set is should be as follows to develop the kind of chart shown in image. 

city    storesales    storecost    unitsales
Woodland Hills    158.6300    67.6191    63.0000
West Covina    152.0900    63.3554    68.0000
Santa Monica    147.0200    55.9771    60.0000
San Gabriel    303.4000    125.9544    128.0000
Pomona    211.9600    83.3137    98.0000
Long Beach    317.8100    127.5116    143.0000
Lakewood    158.5600    64.4194    74.0000
Imperial Beach    118.1100    46.9418    46.0000
Grossmont    164.1700    65.7190    74.0000
Glendale    176.0400    72.6059    87.0000
Downey    211.0500    80.6608    104.0000
Burbank    225.7400    90.0673    109.0000
Beverly Hills    167.8400    67.1768    85.0000
Bellflower    121.5100    49.3005    66.0000
Arcadia    115.3500    44.6145    55.0000

 1st column -> X-axis label
2nd column & 3rd columns ->Will sit as sacks 
4th column -> coverts to line

Core part : 
Set below properties to get the stacked bar with line. 

Stacked = True
Crosstab Mode=true 
Series in rows =false


That's it.. Save the dashboard and preview it. 

Sample Image 1:

Sample Image 2:

Sample Image 3:

Quickly Want to check it in your environment  ???

Click here to download the example 

(Jasperserver postgresql foodmart database , bootstrap supported mode with latest C-Tools).

Few limitations on the example:
1) X-axis label font size is not working though given
 baseAxisFont = "bold 13px sans-serif"
2) Left side Y-axis & right side Y-axis label colors and font-size is not set .. Need to 
find what are the extensions points to use on for them..
Community readers are encouraged to add these points if you find in comments box.  

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