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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

TIP : Hide the unwanted files/folders in Pentaho CDE - Hiding .cda and _tmp files in pentaho CDE

Hi Guys, 

This post will give you the small tips on hiding the files/folders in the repository.

Tip-1 : Hiding the file/folder

Let's say you are creating a CDE dashboard and as soon as you give all the database connections at least for a query, the CDF framework generates 3 files

.cda and

Some times you may not want to show .cda and .cdfde files but want to show .wcdf files (The dashobard only file).

The trick is : Just you need to check the Hidden check box on click on OK button in properties of that particular file.

(In the folder where you can see all of these 3 files,
a)  select the .cda file as an example(and or .cdfde in another case)
b) then from the File Actions Pane click on properties
c) It'll open up a window
d) At the bottom of the window you can find two options like "Allow","Hide"
e) Check the Hide button and then click on OK
c) Refresh the Browser(Refresh the cache from Tools).
d) Go to the folder where you kept your dashboard, now you can see only the  CDE file

In the same way you can do it for any kind of files/folders in the Repository.

IMP NOTE : I struck in Roll back of the same : Will update how roll back (i.e., Currently, I am not getting the hidden folders back to show as earlier)

Tip 2 : How to make the .cda file not editable ?
From the pentaho community thread, here is the solution for making cda file not editable.

You need to comment/remove the code in plugin.xml file.
File location : /home/sadakar/softwares installed/Pentaho/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/cda

              <static-path url="/cda/cachemanager" localFolder="cachemanager"/>
              <static-path url="/cda/editor" localFolder="editor"/>
              <static-path url="/cda/previewer" localFolder="previewer"/>
              <static-path url="/cda/resources" localFolder="resources"/>
              <static-path url="/cda/static" localFolder="static"/>

        <content-type type="cda" mime-type="text/html">
            <title>Data Access</title>
             <description>Community Data Access File</description>


1) Stop the BA server and start again.
2) Go to one of the CDA files and observe File action for .cda file. There will be no more Edit option for .CDA files as you commented the Editable code in plug-in.xml file.
3) But you can see the code by opening the file in "Open in new Window".

This post is updated with further information on roll backing the hidden files/folders.

BI developer

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