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About me and Contact

About Me :

I am Sadakar Pochampalli , Sr. BI consultant.

I've been working on open source and enterprise Business Intelligence suites namely TIBCO Jaspersoft and Hitachi Vantara Pentaho.

I've started exploring and working on cloud and devops tools and technologies such as AWS,Docker,Kubernetes, Ansible and etc. 

I have 4+ years of experience working on data visualizations, data extractions, data modelling, Kimaball data warehouse building, data analysis and migrating servers from on-premise to cloud using Dynacenter tool. 

About Blog
The main aim of this blog is to help the community folks in set of tools technically and to the business people to take better decisions using open source tools or with less licensing price of enterprise tools.  

Experience includes below 
* Hitachi Pentaho BI Suite (CE & EE) - 4.5 to 7.x
* TIBCO Jaspersoft BI Suite (CE, Pro, Enterprise) 4.5 to 6.4
* Talend Open Studio ETL
* Front End - web technologies - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 
* Cloud and DevOps
* My other interest includes in below technologies
Tablue,Qlick View, TIBCO Spotfire, Power BI, Micro Strategy, MS-BI, Looker, MongoDB, Big Data (Hadoop Tools), Internet Of Things(IoT), Apache Spark, R & WEKA

* Contact Details

If you are looking 
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please contact me at My Linked Profile:

Feed back : 

Your feedback is very valuable. If you find any conceptual wrongs or alternative ways to find the same solutions do write a comment for the article & I will update them accordingly.