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Friday, 4 July 2014

Introduction to WEKA GUI Chooser - Basic Layouts Explained(Are you bored of lengthy paragraphs of doucments?) - A quick write up.

Hi Guys,

This post will teach you basic layout structure of WEKA and in upcoming posts with examples.

Read my other article on how to download and install WEKA in Cent OS here

You can refer for the official documentation here : Click Here.
Alternatively you can find the pdf documentation in your WEKA installation :
Path : <WEKA installation folder>/weka-3-6-11/WekaManual.pdf

The official documentation gives you the clear & in depth details though I'd like to share in my words how the layout looks like.

1) Once you launch the WEKA, the window opens with 4 different options which are 4 different applications with in WEKA.

2) The 4 Applications are
     i) Explorer
    ii) Experimentor
    iii) Knowledge Flow and
   iv) Simple CLI

3) Also, the window has Menu contains options "Programs", "Visualization","Tools" & "Help".


Explorer An environment for exploring data with WEKA

Experimenter An environment for performing experiments and conduct-
ing statistical tests between learning schemes.

KnowledgeFlow An environment supports essentially the same func-
tions as the Explorer but with a drag-and-drop interface. One advantage
is that it supports incremental learning.

SimpleCLI Provides a simple command-line interface that allows direct
execution of WEKA commands for operating systems that do not provide
their own command line interface.

Thank you... Next post with some other basics on DataMining & with a simple example...


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