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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Send One Dashboard selects (input controls) to another Dashboard selects(values comes from first dashboard selects and sit in Dashboard-2 selects) in Pentaho CDE

Hi Guys,

This post will talk about below scenario........

Scenario Explained:
When you navigate from one dashboard to another dashboard , in some cases you might need to pass the selected parameter values on Dashboard 1  to  Dashboard 2 selects.

i.e., In simple terms, it is not the category names passing from any chart on performing click action but it is passing the input controls values from one dashboard selects to another dashboard selects. (Take input controls from DB-1 and make them to sit on input controls of DB-2 and then allow user to select other inputs if he/she wants on it)

This sample is developed on : C-Tools of stable version of CDE,CDF,CDA with bootstrap supported.

You can perform below :
1) Default values for selects (dates and other drop downs)
2) Select user wished inputs in selects on Dashboard-1.
3) Provide a button/link to drill down to Dashboard-2 with the selected inputs on Dashboard-1.
4) On Dashboard-2 selects , the values will coming from Dashboard-1 will be placing.
5) Components(Charts and tables and etc) on Dashboard-2 will listen to these input selects.
6) Change the inputs to other values by selecting here on Dashboard-2 and corresponding components will listen to them again.
7) Link/Button to drill back to Home dashboard -It can be default stage of Dashboard-1 OR reversely can apply the same logic to place the changed values of DB-2 up on DB-1 selects.

In this example I have taken 3 inputs on Dashboard-1.
They are :
1) From Date
2) To Date and
3) ID

Dashboard -1 Development : 
Step-1 : Lay Out

Below code is for : A panel with body and to for the place holder for lables and selects(Dates and others) and majorly for a Button(On which we are going to do some magic). 

Row ->Column -> HTML
and the Bootstrap HTML code is :

<div class="col-md-12 ">
            <div class="panel panel-primary">
            <div class="panel-heading">
                <h3 class="panel-title" id="DashboardName">Dashboard-1 Send the Selected Parameters to Dashbaord-2 Selects
                 <button onclick="sendParameters()" type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-xs pull-right">
                <div class="clearfix"></div>  
            <div class="panel-body">
              <span class="labelcss"><b>From Date</b></span>
              <span id="FromDateSelect"></span>
              <span class="labelcss2"><b>To Date</b></span>
              <span id="ToDateSelect"></span>
              <span class="labelcss3"><b>ID</b></b></span>
              <span id="IDSelect"></span>

Step 2: Creating parameters and Selects 
As shown in below figure create 3 parameters and selects for them.
i.e., param1_FromDate, param2_ToDate,param3_ID for parameters
and select1_FromDate, select2_ToDate and select3_ID for selects 

Make the selects to listen to the associated parameters.
Note that in this example I have not taken any SQL for drop down selects instead created an array for drop down.

Step : 3
Have a preview of the dashboard once done with step 2 and you can observe there you will not be drill down action when clicking on button component.

Here, let's come back to Lay out section and add a Java Script resource.
Write below code in Java Script Code Snippet

function sendParameters(){
   //Test whether your parameters holding the values in an alert message 
    alert("From Date="+param1_FromDate+"\n"+"To Date="+param2_ToDate+"\n"+"ID="+param3_ID);
//Perform drill down to 2nd dashboard when clicking on Button Component 
var url=
 //Open up 2nd dashboard with parameters passing along with URL   


Dashboard -2 Development :

Development of this dashboard has to done separately to take it's URL on Dashboard -1 java script

Develop your dashboard with the same input controls (Why to develop again ? Let us SAVE AS with other name and with few modifications - Remove script code, make button component URL in HTML script for HOME dashboard)

Add below script in Java Script Code snippet resource..
i.e., Capturing the values into parameters and internally the selects will take these input values..and later on Dashboard-2 user can select/change on input values on different selection.

param1_FromDate= Dashboards.getQueryParameter('send1_FromDate');
param2_ToDate= Dashboards.getQueryParameter('send2_ToDate');
param3_ID= Dashboards.getQueryParameter('send3_ID');

Dashboards.getQueryParameter(<parameterSenderStringFromDashboad1>) will capture the value from the URL and assign these values to respective parameters.

That's all, you are done....

Sample output Images : 
i). With Default Values On Dashboard-1
ii).Perform Click Action on Dashboard-2 Button and Test the select values in an Alert Message
iii) Observe the values for select components on Dashboard-2 after clicking OK button. 

CASE-II Images : 
i) With User Selected Values On Dashboard-1
ii) Test with alert Message after performing click action on Dashboard-2 button

iii) Observe the values for select components on Dashboard-2 after clicking OK button. 
iv) Make Other selections on Dashboard-2

Download the above qualified Example :  Click Me

Download a quick simple example here :  Click Me

Readers and community developers are encouraged to add your feedback ,suggestions and/or improvement of this post in comments section.

Sadakar Pochampalli
BI developer
(Jasper/Pentaho/Talend ETL)
Hyderabad, Telangana. 

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