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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tip: Remove/Disable Edit Option/Mode For .wcdf (CDE) Files in Pentaho 5.x Production Community Server

Hi Guys,

Below tip is used for disable Edit Mode of CDE dashboards ..

When this is useful ?
CASE 1 : 
If you are not going for Embedding BI to integrate the CDE dashboards.

CASE 2: 
If you don't want your end user to open the CDE file to view the CODE.. If you are using the Server itself in your end client location he/she also may not need all these except logging into the server and see the dashboards...

For doing this.. i.e., to disable the Edit mode of CDE dashboards, you just need to comment below code in plugin.xml file of pentaho-cdf-dd folder.

File location : /home/sadakar/softwares installed/Pentaho/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-cdf-dd


Sample Image:

NOTE: As it is a configuration file, you need to restart the server once the changes done to it.

Another Imp NOTE: 
As C-Tools(CDE,CDF,CDA) are uneatable from Marketplace, and if you go for any upgrade of them then you might lost this configuration.. what it'll do internally when you upgrade to new versions of C-Tools, internally it'll uninstall the plug-ins and then download the new.. hence as you will get a fresh copy you there might be a chance of losing your settings.. This is not tested..

Thank you :-)

BI developer
Pentaho/Jasper/Talend ETL

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