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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Export Charts As Images in Pentaho CDE - Export PopupComponent Example in Pentaho CDE

Hi Guys,

This post will describe the functionality of "Export PopupComponent" Component in CDE.

We can export the charts either in the form of Data(SQL result set) or as an image.

Export PopupComponent used for doing the above point in CDE as described.

This example developed On : CDE,CDF,CDA,CGG(

1) Row -Column ->ColumnName i.e., htmlObject(ExportOptionColumn).
2) Row -Column->ColumnName i.e., htmlObject(PieChartColumn)

Data sources
Write your query for a pie chart.

Components :
Design and develop pie chart..[Chart component Name : PieChart](Assuming you are already aware of it)

Now, export the above pie chart to image(png or jpg) [jpeg is not supporting yet -just tested] using "ExportPopUpComponent" component.

Core part
Others -->ExportPopUpComponent-->

Name : Export (Appear on the output)
Chart Component to Export : PieChart  [Pie Chart Name]
Data Component to Export : PieChart [Pie Chart result set will be exported]

Chart Export Label : Export Chart
Data Export Label : Export Data
(these two names appear in like tool tip on clicking "Export" )

Chart Export Type: png
Data Export Type : xls

HTML Object : ExportOptionColumn

NOTE : On the dashboard editor , on the working dashboard press shift+G which will pop up CGG window.. check the components for which you want to generate java script in the back end for images..  After checking desired charts to generate graphic in the back end save the dashboard..

See the preview of the dashboard..

Output action images :

Export as Image :

Export Data to xls

BI developer

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