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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Tip : How to get default color palette for a bar graph having no series in Pentaho CDE?

Hi folks,

Working on Pentaho suite always an interesting job.! You would neither be a complete coder nor be a complete designer when working with tools like ctools. This is where the complexity lies.

Today, I was talking to a community folk about category colors for a bar chart.

The requirement was to get default color palette for the basic settings of the graph.
i.e., a normal bar graph(without series)  always get blue color for all the bars - so instead of one single color,  the graph(having no series) should get default color palette(i.e., different colors for different bars), How ?

I thought of looking back into my nasty coding implementation of other posts examples but was not caught up with a working one, thank you to the pentaho old forum. A few minutes of googling made me to play with a property, with that here you go.!

locate the advanced properties of the graph and do a quick Control+F (Find) search for the property called "colorRole" and give its value as "category" (without quotes). 

That's all you need to do, save your visualization and go for preview. You should be having the categories displayed with default color palette having legends.!

Cheers..! (It's Tableau learning time).
By the way, Pentaho 8.1 is out, exciting right - download page.

- Sadakar Pochampalli


Friday, 12 January 2018

Publicly available data sources collection - useful for self exploration of DWH-ETL-BI and analytics

Hi folks,

Happy NewYear.! 2018.

This blog post will let you know some publicly available data sources.

I hope these would help you out to create stunning visualizations to simple/complex reports and dashboards.

Here we go.!



3) WHO

4) World Bank

5) Data is plural



7) Kaggle


9) Reddit

10) Cental Intelligence Agency

11) United Nations Environment Programme

Tableau Sample data sources + internet research

I hope you will find useful.

Thank you
Sadakar Pochampalli