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Monday, 2 December 2013

Pentaho CDE Dashboard complete example - Adding few more functionality to it.

Sales Dashboard Demo in Pentaho CDE :

Drill down functionality on 2nd Chart (State wise individual details) which is a tabular display of data

1. Superb Layout (Back ground color, rows, columns structured based one)
      a. Pie Chart ( 1st row 1st 2 charts -SQL based charts & 3rd one is MDX based)
  • Pie charts are converted to circulared
  • Percentage values, actual values(featured any one of them we can remove)
  • Drill down from 2nd pie chart to another dashboard(tabular display of data) - passing field value from one dashboard to another dashboard.
      b. Bar Charts(4 and 5) - SQL based charts 
  • Dynamic with number of bars 
  • X-axis labels are rotated.
  • Dynamic with date input controls.
  • Currency symbol is added.
      c. Line Chart
  • Two lines are plotted
  • Dynamic with date input controls
SQL queries :
Complex queries are written to get the exact result sets ... for instance, JOINS, aggregate functions

CSS and JavaScript
To design the lay out written CSS code and to get the Advanced functionalities written java script..

Export Functionality :
Provide "Button Component" in one of the columns in Lay out section as shown in figure.
Write below code in Expression
function f() { window.print() }

Currently it is exporting XPS .. i.e, the window will be exported..
If you have pdf installed for your printer , you can save your file in the PDF format.

Source code : Click this link
1) You need to change database connection details .
2) For 5.0.1 CE, you need to use the Import/Export(Upload/Download) facility to fetch the .zip file as project in the server.
3) For 4.8 CE, you need place the folder of the source code(not zip file) in pentaho-solutions folder.
4) Note that this example may not work with older C-Tools. It was developed on 13.06. If you deploy it in older versions you might get comparability issues.

1. On drill down

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