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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tip : Activate Pentaho Ctools in Enterprise BA Server 6.x

This post will help you in configuring CDE in EE server.
Environment for this example is :
BA Server EE 6.0.1

1) To make CDE editor available in Pentaho EE server you need to edit code related to it in xml configuration files. files are :  plugin.xml and settings.xml

2) Both files are available at C:\Pentaho\server\biserver-ee\pentaho-solutions\system\pentaho-cdf-dd location.

3) Editing plugin.xml file 
Place-1 : uncomment below code 

Place-2 : uncomment below code 
        <overlay id="launch" resourcebundle="content/pentaho-cdf-dd/lang/messages">
            <button id="launch_new_cde" label="${Launcher.CDE}" command="Home.openFile('${Launcher.CDE}', '${Launcher.CDE_TOOLTIP}', 'api/repos/wcdf/new');$('#btnCreateNew').popover('hide');"/>
        <overlay id="startup.cde_dashboard"  resourcebundle="content/pentaho-cdf-dd/lang/messages" priority="1">
            <menubar id="newmenu">
                <menuitem id="new-cde_dashboard" label="${Launcher.CDE}" command="mantleXulHandler.openUrl('${Launcher.CDE}','${Launcher.CDE_TOOLTIP}','api/repos/wcdf/new')" />

4) Editing settings.xml file 
Define the button for CDE  in Server
Un comment below code that you find at the end

<new-toolbar-button>1,New CDE Dashboard,CDE Dashboard,api/repos/wcdf/new</new-toolbar-button>

Pentaho Offcial Documentation :

Download the same as PDF file : Click Me.