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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tip: Chosen jQuery Single Select input control in Pentaho CDE - Will it helpful to you instead normal inputs ?

Hello guys,

 1) set parameter/listener for your select component. (i.e., you have already have a parameter created).

2) There is a property called JQuery Plugin  for select component
 give value as  "chosen" for this property

Write below code for Select component "Post Execution" section and change % values or you can use pixels(px) in place of %'s.

function f(){

           $('select').chosen({ width: '200%' });
           $('.chzn-search input').css('width','83%');

3) Check the output..
Some points to note down..

Can you make this input responsive ?
Will the above code affects the serach & drop down width for multi select ?(This tip works only when 


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