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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tip - Change Tooltip back ground color in pentaho CDE dashboards

Hi Guys,

A small tip on how to change/override  the default tool tip color and text in it.

Open your dashboard using Mozilla browser & make use of firebug tool as shown in below figure.

In the image just changed the css code.. for your particular dashboard you have to override the the css code by adding Resource(Either code snippet or External css file - you need to name the file if you take code snippet OR you need to locate the .css file if you take External file) ...

i.e., in Code snippet you have to write.

In the same way one can change/override the css code for your input controls and for other components(like table component)

:-) :-)

Future update in the same post : Need to find :
Dynamic tooltip back ground & border and text color
i.e., You can find tool tip of HTML5-Charts .. If you hover the mouse on green colored bar or slice of a chart the tooltip border has to come in the same color along with text included in the tooltip..

If anyone knows this tip already feel free to share your tip in the comment boxes...

Thank you.

BI developer.