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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pentaho Community Edition CE 5.0.1 stable Vs Jasper Professional 5.5 - BA Server & Tool selection decision making points on 3 categories

Hello Guys,

Here is a small document prepared on differentiating Pentaho Open source Vs Jasper Professional.

Based on below information one can take decision in tool selection for BI needs.

I would like to present a clear insight & readers of this document are encouraged to add your points in the comment box..

IMP NOTE:  Remember , I am comparing the Pentaho Open source(Community) 5.0.1 stable  with Jasper Professional(licensed) 5.5 

Dashboards :
Key feautue Pentaho Open source Dashboard Jasper Professional dashboard
Tool Community Tools(C-Tools) – Server plug ins

CDE(Community Dashboard Editor)
CDF(Community Dashboard Framework)
CDA(Community Data Access)
iReport/Jasper Studio
Ad-hoc Reports

Desktop stand alone tools
and Professional Dashboard designer
on server
Development of Reports done at
Fly on the server itself
Depends on stand alone designing tools & need to publish to the server and again need to design the dashboard
Responsiveness /Mobile support Responsiveness is achievable using bootstrap css framework Lack of responsiveness even though there is Proportional property of the dashboard designer
Dashboards output end view-able devices Compatible with Mobile/iPad/laptop/Desktop/TV like big screens
Compatible with laptop/desktop


Protovis charts implemented, extend able to D3 charts.. can integrate fusion and HTML charts also.

Embedded charts engines – Jfree, Fusion & HTML5 charts.

Can integrate protovis/D3 charts using html component of iReport/Jasper Studio

Loading of charts on the dashboard Will take lesser time using Pentaho's C-Tools  powerful caching mechanism Will take longer time to load the charts on the dashboard
Embedding BI Achievable using iframe tags or java script Achievable using iframe tags
Community support Active Active as it is a professional .. general community is not so active
Interactivity/Drill down/ Inter charts(frames) communication Achievable Achievable
Multi-tenancy Need to check  Achievable
Customization Developer friendly Not developer friendly

Download here

Pentaho MaketPlace or install using

Purchase license

Analysis : OLAP Cubes

Key feature Pentaho Open source Analysis Jasper Opensource/Pro Analysis
Desktop Stand alone development Tool Pentaho Schema workbench Schema Workbench
Front End tool to view the output Pviot4J Analytics (or)
Saiku Analytic's (or)
JPivot View (or)
BTable (or)
Ivy Schema Editor

JPivot View

Ad-hoc Editor

Ad-hoc Reporting on Cube out put

Yes, using Saiku Analytics

Ad-hoc Editor (For jasper pro & enterprise.Iit is an add-on feature.

Query Language MDX ( Multi Dimensional Expression) MDX (Mullti Dimensional Expression)
Caching Enabled  Enabled
Community Support Very Active – Quick Responses Not so active 
Documentation Online documentation available with examples Online documentation is available with Examples

Ad-hoc Reporting

Key feature Pentaho Open source Ad-hoc Pentaho Enterprise Ad-hoc Jasper Pro Ad-hoc
Source for ad-hoc reporting
Meta data layer creation

Meta data layer creation

Create topics OR
Create Domains

Pentaho Meta Data Editor(PME) (Stand alone desktop tool)

(OR )
Create JOINS on the fly on the server and use it for ad-hoc reporting


No desktop tool.. directly on the server create Domains OR topics and use Ad-hoc editor

Output Server tools

WAQR – Web Ad-hoc Query and Reporting(legacy)
Saiku Reporting compatible with 4.8 server as of now
Interactive Reporting - Advanced of WAQR

But WAQR is not supported by any more.
Interactive reporting is an extension of WAQR in Enterprise Version of pentaho

Jasper Ad-hoc Editor
Support less On demand support On demand – Need to be jasper customer
Visualization of Data in the form of charts



Readers of this post is encouraged to add your points/suggestions in comment box.. 

Thank you. 
BI developer