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Thursday, 5 June 2014

High Performance Dashboard - Sales Dashboard 4 Demonstration in Pentaho CDE /Bootstrap Tabs Example in Pentaho CDE

Hi Guys,

Features of the dashboard :

1) Visualize Single value using Ivy Gauge component. Either a Gauge or doughnut.
2) Display single value in bootstrap panel with formatted styles.
3) Videos on your dashboard using Ivy Video component. 
4) Bootstrap Navigation tabs feature in pentaho CDE dashboards.
     - Single place/Page to show multiple dashboards. 
      - Why to drill down when you have the feature of navigation of tabs in single page itself.
      - Not only the navigation bars but also the drop down tabs of navigation
         in single page itself.
5) ICC - Inter chart/component communication in the single page.
6) Popups
     - click on a slice of pie chart and open a table report in popup or again a chart report.
7) Chosen JQuery input components (OR) Bootstrap input components.
8) Tool tip color change.
9) iPad/laptop/desktop/TV like big screen  supported dashboard ( Need to check in Mobile)
10) Formatted table component included.
11) Embeddable in 3rd party application.

The powerful Business Analytics Server - Pentaho

Thank you pentaho & webdetials for the awesome product.

This post will be up-datable as soon as the development of example done ..

The first look of the dashboard images for my regular readers.....

Click me for sample download




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