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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Service - Walk through with a report development

This post will walk you through the fundamentals in Power BI and the source for the example is taken from the reference link from Power BI tutorials.

The idea for writing this post is, one of my friends who was from a different technology stack in a need to know BI concepts, terminologies to understand the counter part BI demonstrations in his project in which BI stack is Power BI

Hence, taking Jasper and Pentaho BI concepts into considerations, today we have explored few topics in Power BI and thought of putting together the explored points for community folks.

Below presentation has step by step images and pointers to understand below Indexed topics.

 Click Me to Download PPT

1) Create a web data source
2) Editing web data source
3) Removing a column
4) Split a column ( .  and  left parenthesis )
5) Replace a character
6) Change query name and save the query
7) Edit the saved query to add a custom field
8) How the query fields looks like in Fields Editor
9) Report creation using visualizations
10) Adding a Table component and formatting
        (row banding and increasing font size)
11) Adding Bar+Line Visualization 
12) Adding donut visualizations to complete IMDB report.
13) Saving and publishing report to power service

Download PPT

The outcome of the report looks something as shown in below image.
 (Click on image to get best view)
This example is shared to public which is a feature in Power BI and it can be accessible by clicking on below link.  

Example for Public (Only available 50 days from the date of posting this article)

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