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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Kubernetes : Deploying and Scaling a Container in Kubernetes (Using Commands)


This post will talk about how to deploy containers from Docker hub into Single Node kubernetes cluster.

To follow this example, you must read the example explained here ( Building and Pushing images to Docker hub)

We use the same container deployed to docker hub in deploying container in kubernetes single node cluster.

Docker to kubernetes

Kubernetes dashboard

minikube dashboard
Deploying image from docker
.\kubectl.exe  run sadakarkubernetes --image=sadakar/get-started:part1 --port=80

1) 80 is the container(image) port number
2) No empty spaces before = sign
Expose the app as service
.\kubectl.exe expose deployment sadakarkubernetes --type=NodePort
Launch the service
.\minikube.exe service sadakarkubernetes

.\minikube.exe service --url=true sadakarkubernetes
Scaling the deployment
.\kubectl.exe scale --replicas=2 deployment/sadakarkubernetes

Kubernetes Dashboard : 

Application Opened from Kubernetes: 
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