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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pentaho CE 6.0 BA Server Gmail/Yahoo Mail Server Configuration testing (less secure & more secure options for gmail)

Hi Folks,

It been a long time I wrote something useful in Pentaho CE. (Oops..!!! Busy with Jaspersoft)
I have been trying to connect to my gmail for testing scheduling options for reports in it. (Hmmm..!!! I didn't get a chance till today to look in to it from the time when I started exploring Pentaho CE 4.5)

Today, after many trails & discussions with known folks who works on pentaho enterprise, I have successfully connected to my gmail account from Pentaho CE Server
(You may find how to schedule reports in upcoming posts).

I hope this post will help you in configuring the same or your company email for scheduling.

If you had already done it, you can ignore reading it or you can suggest your friends to refer this step by step guide.

Here you go.!

Environment Set up : 
1) Pentaho BA Server 6.0 community edition
2) My gamil acccount
3) Proxy free/Fire wall free network.

With gmail there are 2 secure options
1) Less secure options
2) More Secure Options 

For less Secure Options :

Step 1 : Turn ON less secure option for your gmail account.
1) In your gmail, click on your account picture symbol that you can find at top left corner.
2) Click on "My Account" -> (or you can directly go visit this site :
3) Click on Sign In Security tab -> Scroll down completely till you see an option at little right bottom saying "Allow less secure options".
4) By default it is OFF so make it ON (this means you can access your gmail account in less secure options - for instance few mobile phone email accounts for gmail or apps like pentaho server).

Yeah..!! Its Mobile World Now.. Security matters for open social accounts.

NOTE : Click on images for best view of content placed.
Screen shots for above steps :

Image-2 : 

Step 2 : Configuring gmail SMTP settings in Pentaho BA Server. 
1) Login into the Pentaho BA Server 6.0 CE as an admin 
2) From the drop down of Home -> Select "Administration"
3) Click on middle option which is "Mail Server"
4) Give all the parameters of gmail SMTP as shown below
 Host Name (SMTP) =
 port =587
 Use Authentication = checked
 User Name = 
 Password = <Password>
 Server Type = SMTP (SMTPs also works for gmail - I have tested and worked for me)
 Email From Address = ( You can give your name instead email ID)
Use Start TLS = checked (if don't check the setting might not work)
Use SSL = checked ( optional, but I have checked it)

NOTE : TLS is mandatory to check but SSL is optional in my experiment.

That's all .! You are done. Click on "Test Email Configuration" button and on successful message click on "Save"button.

Images for above steps :


Image-5: Testing notification mail ( Smiles :-) )

This way one can setup gmail for yor pentaho BA 6.0 CE server.

For More Secure Options : 

 Alternatively, a more secure option is to configure your gmail server to use 2 step authentication and add Pentaho to the list of trusted applications as follows:

1.    In Google, go to My Account /Sign In & Security / Signing in to Google and change the 2-step Validation from OFF to ON.

2.    This will prompt you for a phone number and some other information. A verification code will be send to the phone number you enter. Enter this code to complete the 2-step authentication.

3.    In Sign-in & Security / Signing in to Google/ go to App Passwords (This will show up under 2-step Verification once it is enabled.

4.    Select Other from the dropbox, and enter Pentaho. Then click on Generate to generate the password.

5.    Go back to your Pentaho Mail Server configuration and enter this generated password under the password box.
6.    Test again.

NOTE : Areas of interest to check other places but need not to do anything with them. 
1) email-config files  under pentaho-solutions folder

2) Go yahoo too in the same way of gmail (the just change is your SMTP , email passoword)
    Need not change the port number i.e., yahoo also worked with 587 port (465 has not worked).


I hope this helps you.! Please hit the share button to help the community.

Thank you.
Until Next post

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