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Sunday, 30 August 2015

TIP : Copy files from Windows10 Host to Ubuntu 15.04 Guest installed in VMWare

Hi Folks,

Find below steps to copy files from Windows Host machine to Ubuntu Guest installed in VMware.

Software Used
1) Windows 10 as Host
2) Ubuntu 15.04 server(not desktop Ubuntu) as Guest
3) VMWare Work Station 10.01
4) WinScp 5.7.5
5) Internet is on Wi-Fi

1)  Install open ssh server in Ubuntu terminal
     Example : sudo apt-get install openssh-server

2) Download WinSCP in Windows
    Download Link :

3)  Check VMware internet connection
     #  VM-> Settings ->Virtual Machine Settings window will pop up
     # Select Network Adapter (NAT) and check NAT option in Network connection Tab.

4) Find the ipaddress using ifconfig on Ubuntu terminal
   Example :

5) Note down the sudo su username and password of Ubuntu
   Example : User name : hasini and password is hasini

6) Open WinScp and click on Advanced settings
     Left side Environment tab -> Shell
     Right side : In shell tab and shell property choose sudo su -

7) Now, provide the credentials of Ubuntu server in WinScp
(If you won't follow this, you will get can't copy error error

8) Click Login to get connect to Ubuntu server and happy file coping.

  Testing : Copy a file from windows directory to ubuntu directory

 Before copying  a file: 

After copying : Drag and drop the file (In above image point 2 to point 4)

NOTE : Alternative way to copy files
1) Copy files tmp folder of Ubuntu
2) Go to tmp folder and using mv command move the file to the target directory in ubuntu.

:-) :-)

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Reference :

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