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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Migrating data from Oracle database to Postgresql database using Pentaho Kettle

This post will talk about migrating data from Oracle database to Postgresql database.

The same can be doable from one database to another database.(i.e., for example MS-SQL server to postgreSQL).

Pentaho has it's in built wizard tools to Migrate data from one database to another another database.

Find the below steps how we can use this in-buit tool in migrating.

1) Create source database connection and target database connection.

i.e., for example oralce connection as source and postgresql connection as target.

Go to Tools -> Wizard -> Create database connection.

Repeat the same for postgresql connection.

2) Go to Tools -> Wizard ->Copy Tables . Find the below images.

3) It'll create a job and “N” number of transformations based upon the number of tables in oracle database.

4) Run your job.. That's all we have done.

Check the description & content of the tables in postgres.

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