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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Any chart responsive code in PreExecution in Pentaho CDE

function f(){
var myself = this;
  // Set initial width to match the placeholder
  myself.chartDefinition.width = myself.placeholder().width();

  // Attach the resize handler only on the first execution of the chart component
  if (!this.resizeHandlerAttached){

    // Ensure render is only triggered after resize events have stopped
    var debouncedResize = _.debounce(function(){

      // Show chart again.

      // Change chart width
      myself.chartDefinition.width = myself.placeholder().width();
      myself.render( myself.query.lastResults() );
    }, 200);

    // Attach resize handler

      // Only trigger resize if the container has changed width
      if ( myself.chartDefinition.width != myself.placeholder().width()){

        // Temporarily hide chart so that overflow does not happen

        // Trigger the resize with debounce

    this.resizeHandlerAttached = true;

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