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Monday, 23 December 2013

Exporting table component to Excel Or CSV - Button Component Example in Pentaho CDE

Hi Guys,
We can export the tabular display of data to excel or csv using Button component available in pentaho CDE.

1) Lay out section
Design your lay out as per your requirement.
For example find the image below.

2) Components Section 
 i) Select "Export Button" from the list of "Others"
ii) In the properties
Name : Component Name (ExportExcel)
Lable : Name that appear on your button (Eg : ExportExcel_
Component Name: your table component Name(Eg: tableData)
HtmlObject : the column name where you are placing this button (Eg :ExportExcel or Panel1)

3) Data sources section :
In this example taken foodmart database to display some data in the form of table component.
Browse for the database connections in this blog site.

4) Preview
* Click on "ExportExcel" button ... you will find the pop up asking you to save the exported file.

Currently(23rd dec 2013 is the post written date) "Export button supports " Excel , CSV formats but not pdf.
In future pentaho may provide the functionality to export.

Formats Tested :
xls ->Worked
xlsx -> Not worked
csv -> Worked

Need to figure out the following
1) Exporting to multiple pages
2) Pagination
3) Bulk data exporting  to Excel