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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Installation of Pentaho 5.0.1 CE in windows 7 & changes made from previous version.

Being crazy of Pentaho and it's associated tools I'd like to share some thing about Pentaho CE 5.0.1 BA latest release..
First of all, I'd like to thank you to the web details team for the efforts they kept in bringing up the powerful analytical engine(BA server).

The home page itself make you to stick with BA server where you can enter into the server with "admin" and "password" as the default credentials.. Yes, "joe" user is no more but he left with the same password to log into BA server.

There will be NO more admin console ... Now it is very easy and developer friendly to navigate in one console(User Console) to give data base connections and new roles for new users..

A lot of stuff included in the home page itself, giving the blogs links, books on different tools of pentaho family. In a single word I can say , All the stuff related to Pentaho at a single place. A BI developer like me can reduce the time for developing reports, dashboards , jobs.

Market place for installing C-Tools and the installed plug-in's list drop down is one of the good ideas of the team.

As quick as Pentaho released it's CE 5.0.1 , I just downloaded and trying to explore the new look and navigating from all the menus, reports, connection places and etc.

It's very easy to install the pentaho CE BA now in windows...
Installation procedure :
1) Down load the software as a .zip file using this link .
2) Unzip it in your fav folder
3) Click on start-pantaho.bat file

Home page :

NOTE: path and class path for java must be set before the installation.

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