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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Kubernetes Single Node Cluster Installation/Setup in Windows 7

This post describes steps to install minikube and kubectl single node cluster in windows 7 environment.

To setup kubernetes single node cluster we need to download 2 .exe files.
They are
1) minikube and 2) kubectl

Follow below steps to install kubernetes in windows7 and start playing with commands and single node cluster environment.

NOTE : To install it in windows 10, please follow steps explained in the reference link.

1) Download MiniKube from

2) Download kubectl from

3) Place these two .exe files in C drive

That's all Instillation is done.! 

4) Open Windows Power Shell as Admin Mode


5) Checking versions of minicube and kubectl

>.\minikube.exe version
>.\kubectl.exe version

NOTE : Client and Server should be of latest from download location
Major version difference may not work.

6) Starting minicube Server and Checking the Status
>.\minikube.exe start
>.\minikube.exe status

7) When you run .\minikube.exe start for the first time, kubernates create a .minikube folder inside the User folder.
Path to find : .minikube folder

8) Checking Kubernetes versions
.\minikube get-k8s-versions

References :

In next post, we will see some basic commands to use and how to launch minikube dashboard.

- Sadakar Pochampalli