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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pentaho Ctools CCC(Community Chart Components) charts latest demos dashboard-1 , dashboard-2 & dashboard-3


Downlad and explore my latest demo workouts on CCC charts. In Ctools(CDE) there are majorly 18+ visualizations are available out of the box.

The 1st demo has...
1) Area chart
2) Bar chart
3) Box-Plot
4) Bullet chart-1 and Bullet chart-2
5) Dot chart and
6) Heat grid chart

(click on image to get best view)
2nd demo has...
1) Line chart
2) Metric dot chart
3) Metic line chart
4) 100% stacked bar chart
5) Dual level pie chart and
6) Stacked area chart

(click on image to get best view) 

3rd demo has...
1)  Stacked dot chart
2) Stacked line chart
3) Sunbrust chart
4) Treemap chart
5) Waterfall chart
6) Dial chart

(click on image to get best view)

This demo also have basic bootstrap CSS to make the panels zero border and change the colors of the panels. (have a close look at panels - showding effects are applied which makes good look and feel).

Note that the CCC components are not adjusted/added code to fit screen for mobile/tablet devices. Currently these supports desktop view.

Source code download and deployment procedure
1) Make sure you have"foodmart"database and "pentaho_cde_demo" databases are running on postgresql server with postgres/postgres as credentials. ( these two dbs are avaialble in download section as .backup files, restore them in your postgresql).
2) Upload the file from PUC and check for the outputs.


drop a comment if you have any problem in downloading or deploying the package.