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Friday, 24 January 2014

Dimension Usage Example in Pentaho Schema Workbench

Many of us have a bit confusion when to use Dimension and Dimension Usage.

Today, I have explored it by opening the FoodMart.xml schema example.
I'd like to share what I understand from this...

 Mondrian- Pentaho Schema Workbench 3.6.1 stable.
Download link:

My understanding points

1) Add "Dimension" to your schema.(Externally to the schema but not to any CUBES)
2) Use the same "Dimension" added to your schema in any number of CUBES as "Add Dimension Usage"
3) Suppose you are using a dimension in 3 different cubes you may think of creating that dimension 3 times. The problem which I understand is replication of dimension is taking place in the schema file.

Using "Add Dimension Usage" feature we can eliminate it.

Also, I read some thing about it in the Mondrian technical document at page 113 - I need to have a complete understanding on it.

Example which I extracted from FoodMart.xml schema is described below.

Click here to download the example

A quick understanding image is given below.

Example developed using : foodmart database of postgresql which is an example database for jasperserver postgres. 

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