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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Inserting images for dashboards in pentaho CDE

Hi guys..
After  a long waited time, have given a trail on uploading images to pentaho CDE dashboard.

There are two ways to upload an image
1) Using Image option for the columns.
2) Using HTML code.

This post teach you the second method where I need to work out how can we upload using Image option.
If you have already done with Image option leave the procedure here in a comment.

There could be another ways of doing the same but it helps some ones urgent need.

Tools version :
CDE 13.09, Pentaho 5.0.1 CE.

1) Place your image in the below mentioned folder
 your installation folder\biserver-ce 5.0\pentaho-solutions\system\pentaho-cdf-dd\images\logo.png
under images create your own folder(lets say folder name as "ProjectImages"

2) Now, Add HTML tag to a column and in the HTML code give the following, code which refers the location of your image in ProjectImages folder.

CODE in HTML tag:
<img src="images/ProjectImages/helical logo.png"/>


See the preview of the dashboard... you can find the logo of your company.
Sample output:

This post may not gives you the exact functionality of uploading image to dashboard..
Working on actual procedure i.e, Using Image option of column and how to give URL.

will update you once done with it.

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